HH’s Services In Chicago, Illinois

Hand Sorting

Hand Sorting services can save your company time and money. By removing the defect rates from your shipment you can ensure that all products are 100% out the door.

Inspection Services

You can never underestimate the important of Quality Control/Quality Assurance for your business. HH Sorting will make sure your order from another factory is up to your standards here in Chicagoland.

Assemply Services

Do you have a specific product that needs to be assembled here in Chicago? How about many pieces that have to be put together before it gets shipped out? Ask about HH Sorting’s assembly services.

Packaging Services

Do you need your products packaged in a specific way to make it easier for your customer’s unboxing? HH Sorting can definitely help!

Hand Sorting Services
in Chicago

Imagine getting in a shipment from your manufacturing service. You set up all the pieces on your line, your robots/employees are ready to start going and then products aren’t coming together. The system is off. It’s off because one piece of the assembly is made incorrectly.  One cog throws off the entire production schedule.  Now you can wait for the defects to get replaced but that just costs your business time and money. What if your business is in Chicago and your manfuacturer is in a different country? You have to wait production time and shipping time??

What you can also do is have a hand sorting service go through your parts see which ones are correct and then send those back to you so you can get started while the manufacturer is repairing their mistake! Hand Sorting services, local in Chicago, is one the best ways you can ensure that your shipments go out the door accurately. It is also a great way to make sure that the pieces of your product assembly are exact and meet specifications so you can start putting together your product as well. 


Benfits of Hand Sorting

Besides time and money for your business what are the other benefits of using a local hand sorting service in Chciago? 

1. Production Time Cut Down: Whether you are waiting for the new parts to come in or you just want to get moving on product assembly, hand sorting allows you to cut down your production so you can get your product out to your customers faster. 

2. Better Customer Expeirence: Your business will ensure that all the products that get shipping to your customers are 100% accurate with the right parts. This will cut down on complaints and increase customer loyalty. 

3. Speed: HH Sorting has qualified inspectors and hand sorters ready to go for your Chicago business. We are local which means we can sort through your products fast. It will take us a lot less time to go through and determine defect rates than current QA experts. 

4. Accuracy: You don’t want to be running your lines over and over again. With the accuracy HH Sorting can provide you will make sure that when you setup for a production run, you will have the right pieces you need for a smooth job. 


How Hand Sorting Works For Your Business


Your Chicago business has a neeed for hand sorting and HH Sorting’s team is ready to fill it. However, before we do, we need all the details of what you need sorted and what the end goal is. This will give us the best idea on how to proceed.


You then send your products to HH Sorting at our facility outside of Chicago. HH Sorting’s transport team can also come to you to get them! We get them here and set up for our quality hand-sorting services. 


HH Sorting’s trained professionals will go through the entire shipment and separate what you need and we can start shipping them back to you. We go through things so you can ensure what you get back is what you need the first time – every time! 

Ship Out

Then we send them right back to you. 100% ready to use when you need them. HH Sorting’s team will work with your business to meet any deadline that you have so you can be ready to run when you need to.